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09-01-19 What male features do Slavic women like?
No one is perfect, including males. However, some features of the guys' behavior, character, and physiology which at first glance seem to be flawed are very attractive to Ukrainian and Russian girls.

Gray hair
According to studies conducted by researchers, more than seventy percent of Slavic girls relate to the appearance of gray hair in men with great interest. This can be a kind of highlight in the image of a guy as well as a signal of his great and diverse life experience. Also for some women a little of gray hair causes a sexual drive. With such a man, a girl can afford to relax, feel calm and feel like behind an impenetrable rock.

According to many Slavic ladies, the scars on the guys' bodies are evidence of his temperament, courage and adventurous character. Thus, you shouldn’t be shy of the presence of scars in any case. But to tell the whole truth to the end about the origin of the injuries is not worth it - girls are often not interested.

Holders of glasses who were often teased at schools as “four-eyed divers” are very popular among Russian and Ukrainian girls in adulthood. Modern researchers have found that women perceive men with glasses as smart, intelligent, perceptive and very attractive for relationships and creating a family of partners.

Therefore, it is very important to always add a few photos to your profile on a dating site Toplop.com! If you have not done so already, hurry up. From numerous studies you can understand that the shortcomings of the guys are not so shortcomings. On the contrary, very often these advantages are significant!


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