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02-21-18 What does your first date with Russian girl have in common with Parachute Jump
Are you trembling before your first date with the Russian woman? Calm down! British psychologists came to the conclusion that the first date is comparable to the parachute jump by the degree of sensations. This conclusion was made after the researchers had examined the level of the heartbeat of participants in romantic encounters, as well as various extreme activities.

Some people have a direct addiction to dating, they can not calm down and constantly go to new romantic meetings. Now psychologists have found out why this is happening. It turned out that the level of nervous excitement from the first date provides the same adrenaline release into the blood, like a parachute jump. Scientists from the University of Wolverhampton found that during the parachute jump, the average rhythm of the heartbeat was 111 beats per minute. On a blind date, it was approaching 106 beats, which is almost the same. These are the conclusions of a number of experiments conducted with volunteers, which were conducted through various extreme activities, including skydiving, riding on the cable car, and also the first dates. All participants wore heart rate monitors.

In addition to this, another study of psychologists with the participation of 2,000 adults showed that more than half or 54% consider the first date a nervous shock, and one in six during this meeting felt a pleasant sensation from an adrenaline rush. The same study showed that one-third of Britons prefer not to go on dates at all because of increased nervousness, another 45% of excitement stutter and even lose their train of thought. However, do not worry about your own nerves, as 78% of respondents noticed increased nervousness of their partner during the first meeting.

At the same time, women behave more strangely on the first date than men. Two-thirds of the fair sex representatives complained of nervousness before the first meeting with men. And as many as 20% of men feel relaxed and self-confident on the eve of the first date.


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