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11-22-17 Three main attributes of Thanksgiving Day 2017 your Russian Wife Should Learn
The series of pre-Christmas and New Year holidays are ready to start.
This season is much-loved by both children and adults as it is the time we are all waiting for a miracle, magic and, of course, gifts. But a wonderful holiday takes place before the chain of Christmas holidays,
that is Thanksgiving Day, which in Russia is not so popular as in the US, but in your Ukraine Woman place, it also has its fans.

On the fourth Thursday of November, the Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the USA. This is one of the most popular holidays in the country. Thanksgiving was first celebrated in 1621 by English colonists living in the Plymouth colony.Thanksgiving is due to a number of traditions that Americans keep and observe. All members of the family must necessarily go to church, and after the service, they get together at the festive table. According to the old tradition, several generations of one family gather for a festive dinner. Everyone says a word of thanksgiving for all the good things that happened in his life. On the eve of Thanksgiving, philanthropy flourishes: Americans are trying to feed and somehow please their neighbors who have not been lucky in life.

The second most important attribute of Thanksgiving is the turkey. Today Americans eat the same thing that their ancestors ate in the distant 1621 at a Thanksgiving dinner. Many dishes have become not only a tradition but also a symbol of the holiday: a stuffed turkey with cranberry syrup and a big sweet pumpkin pie.

But there is another unusual tradition of the holiday associated with turkey, a solemn ceremony of pardoning a turkey, which is held in the White House on the eve of the holiday. In accordance with this
tradition, at least one turkey should avoid being on the festive table.

The tradition of celebrating the Thanksgiving turkey, according to the most common version, was laid in 1947, when the National Federation of Turkey gave the first bird to US President Harry Truman for the first time. However, until 1989, presidential turkeys were sent to the president's festive table and only in 1963, President John F. Kennedy broke the tradition and left alive the received bird as a gift. The
first official ceremony of pardoning the turkey was held by George Bush Sr. in 1989. Since then, every year the turkey gets rid of the prospect of being fried and sent to one of the children's parks.

The third attribute completing the picture of the holiday is the parades. In New York, there is a grand parade, organized by the largest department store Macy's since 1927. Its main attraction is inflatable
toys of huge sizes (cartoon characters, tales and TV shows) that are carried from the Central Park to the entrance to the department store - opposite Herald Square (between the Sixth Avenue and Broadway). On the eve of the parade, the ceremony of inflating toys takes place. Fireworks take place in the evening on the East River. The parade is shown live on TV.

There is also a tradition of writing songs for Thanksgiving. One of the relatively new traditions of Thanksgiving is the viewing the National Football League match. And finally, one of the most enjoyable thing for fans of shopping is the traditional pre-Christmas sales that begin to work all over America, both in stores and on the Internet. And that is why the day following the Thanksgiving day is called "Black Friday".


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