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05-12-16 What Should You Know About the Relationship with a Russian Woman?
In our life we’re faced with different people – some for the life experience and some for the life itself. The most difficult is when you’re trying to get who are who but you’re overwhelmed with the feelings. You hear nobody but you and you do what you want and not what you should. Once you start analyzing the relationships you’ll be able to categorize them into three groups: the relationship that makes you better, the relationship that doesn’t provide you with any development, and the relationship where you come down.
Almost all the men are eager to find Russian lady with the status:
successful, clever and beautiful. Thus, you chose the lady of equal level or of the level up. After the date with such women, the desire to meet once more arises for sure. You feel easy, interesting and cool with them. They encourage you, they give strength to grow, to improve yourself. You’re in high spirit, you make progress and you feel you’re able to take on the world.
But as the person is a lazy creature so in many cases your relationship slides to hackneyed evening movie watching even if the first steps of relations were correct. Why does it happen? Maybe due to the fact, the lady starts thinking the guy won’t go, she starts to take care of her less or you become boring. Such relationship moves to splitting up or to constant arguing where the couple is looking for any emotions.
The most terrific type of relationship is where you degrade – this is so called difficult relationship. For instance, when you think “she is dull but I love her so much” or when people around you are against your couple or something else. These moments you think you’re deep in love, she is only one in the universe and none of the friends understands you… But most often it is just a mirage, an illusion because you‘re emotionally unstable. Your relationship consists of the chain of quarrels and reconciliations and this contrast gives you a false feeling of being in love. So once you’re going to build the relationship, pay attention to the way you’re moving and are you?


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