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08-10-16 Simple Things You Didn't Know About Cooperation In Dating Singles
Dating relationship is one of the most important areas of human life, but few people think about the fact that it’s necessary to learn how to be in the relationship. It is believed that the training on this issue occurs by itself in dialogue with peers, and due to live example of the people around. But the result of such self-training is not positive.
Once the relationship fails the opposite sex rarely analyze their mistakes and adjust their behaviors. Instead, to understand themselves, they are simply looking for another person who will suit them, and there won’t be necessary to make any efforts.

Everyone wants the fairy tale comes to them. Women in their boudoirs dream of a knight-savior. A man arranges knightly tournaments in their dream and they are looking for a woman who will appreciate their daring, who will love and comfort.
The women do not know and do not understand men but they want the men to understand them. Women do not care what a man wants. The women do not think what qualities they should possess a good man wants to dedicate their lives to them. Here the self-interest is of the purest tint.

The men are not better than ladies. They do not understand anything in women, and therefore the men gets into lady’s manipulations, just to satisfy the female whims and snatch a piece of warmth. And the relationship comes to a dead end because the ladies will be angry with final submission.

A woman can be a man's best friend, helper, and inspirator, if the man allows her to open in this direction.
A woman, in turn, needs to learn how to scale back her pride and see the man as not the performer of all her desires, not the defender from all troubles but independent man, who will be interesting to live the life with.

If the lady gives a man freedom and she will respect her right to self-determination, he will fulfill all the desires of women. If a woman would be wise enough to help her man to grow up, she will get those relationships, she has dreamt about. But to do that she should learn to be for her man and not a mother, not the mistress of the Marine, but the companion of a man.

A person we are worthy of is always next to us. And if for some reason it seems that we are worth more, then probably we finally lie ourselves.
Relationships can be a breeding ground for nurturing each other or turn into a compost pit, where both souls just wither and decompose. It’s your choice!


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