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02-03-20 Shared training with your bride as a way to strengthen relationships
Shared training with mail-order bride as a way to strengthen relationships. It is believed that doing sports together is more beneficial for a relationship than attending a family therapist.
According to a research, joint training helps feelings to flare up with renewed vigor. How does it work in practice?

Boxing, kickboxing and wrestling are pretty aggressive. In the first training session for many people it is the problem to hit the partner.
But people step over themselves and do things that they would never have done in ordinary life. But, of course, everything goes on an amateur level – without injuries, knockouts and broken noses. So the risk of "getting real" from a loved one is extremely low.
How can partners help each other? You can cheer on each other, especially when doing endurance exercises such as a "rock climber" or a bar. You can also help each other with a joint load, for example, carrying bags for time.
Usually, partners compete with each other and try to perform exercises better. Therefore, training in pairs is almost always much more effective than individual ones.

Woman’s body contain more elastane, women are more flexible, and man’s body has more collagen, more strength. To balance your physical abilities and make body functionally more developed, it will be useful for you to stretch, and for your woman – to strengthen muscles. Yoga is suitable for both tasks.
During pair lessons, partners usually help each other in every way – they stand by, help to stretch and reach out. This develops the ability to trust and support.
To train your confidence, you should try Acro Yoga. In this kind of ancient practice, one person is a support base, and the second is a "pilot", he performs asanas, leaning on the feet or hands of a partner almost in the air, without touching the ground. Perhaps this type of yoga is best suited to strengthen relationships, especially since they began on a dating site.

As a rule the tasks in fitness for men and women are different. So, the ways to achieve them differ. But finding common points in the training program is not difficult. First of all, a warm-up. It can and should be carried out together with your girlfriend in the gym or at home.
Exercises for warming up muscles and stretching are not only universal but can also be performed in pairs. Such an opportunity should not be missed.
To make training interesting for both of you, it is necessary to think of exercises in which it is difficult or impossible to do without a partner. The most common is the press. Various lifts are more pleasant to do when your feet are fixed on the ground. A girl can increase the burden of simple push-ups for a man – just put a little pressure on the back of her beloved. If one of the partners is not a fan of fitness clubs, he can just help his partner at home. This also draws you closer.
During physical exercises, the body experiences the same “symptoms” as during falling in love: a rapid pulse, uneven breathing, and the release of endorphins. At an unconscious level, your Russian girlfriend, and later a training partner, will perceive these manifestations as a sign of sexual desire, which will certainly have a positive effect on relationships. Common interests and goals (to lose weight, gain muscle mass, run a marathon, etc.) also work to strengthen the union.
There are several more reasons to do sport. This is a good way to spend time together, actively and regularly. Usually we are busy with work, household chores, and problems, but training is a daily routine that cannot be missed. By the way, why not? If you are training together with your fiancée, the temptation to skip the workout due to poor health or mood is less. After all, this is how you fail your partner and show a lack of willpower.

Become better with your Russian beloved!


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