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11-12-16 The Most Important Things About Horoscope for 2017 You Should Know Dating Russian Women
2017 is the year of the Red Fire Rooster according to to the Chinese calendar. Do you know what year your Russian girlfriend was born? Maybe this is the year of her sign or maybe even yours? 2017 promises that rebellious Rooster will have an impact on all the signs of the zodiac.
But what exactly? Let’s see!
Rooster is a symbol of the sun because rooster’s singing in the morning opens our day. In the East it is directly linked with the warmth of the
sun: the Indians consider Rooster to be the personification of solar energy, and the Japanese call it the first light. The Chinese people see the symbols of five virtues in the Rooster: courage, kindness, loyalty, dignity, and goodwill. These are the qualities we need to cultivate in 2017. Thus such qualities like honesty and frankness belong to the Rooster due to these virtues. Rooster says everything he thinks, not trying to hide or distort the information. Sometimes his sincerity and frankness may seem tactless and rude, because of the flatness and straightness judgments. Predictions for 2017 suggest you control all the emotions and sayings this year .
Rooster likes to command, to make remarks to others in his tough style, but he can not tolerate criticism towards him. To win his heart you need to praise and flatter. The love of flattery explains Rooster's necessity to be always in public. He is always the first, he has innate leadership qualities. Rooster needs the attention of others and he could be depressed without it. This year, one need to stand out from the crowd.
To attract attention Rooster tries to dress brightly. The need for the universal call made the Rooster expert on how to make the right impression. He loves the job where he needs communicating with people.
Rooster is considered to be the brightest and the most unusual person in the office. This year many people of Rooster sign will be promoted.
Rooster possesses logical skills and he is conservative in everything, even in politics. Despite the love for the attention of others, the Rooster thinks his opinion is right and the others are wrong. So he should rely on its own strength. Therefore, straight and hard careerists will have good luck.
Roosters people don’t get easy money. These are Roosters who become workaholics. Rooster always wants to do more than he is capable to. If the Rooster will be engaged in the business of his dream, then he will be able to achieve many things: money, independence, prestige. Horoscope for 2017 advises identifying your true purpose in life.
Rooster is a controversial sign, so 2017 will be difficult for those who can not keep a balance between personal life and work. However, all initiative and active Roosters people will achieve much.


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