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09-25-09 Sexual talismans for your beautiful Russian pen pal
Sexual talismans (from Greek - symbolon) are sensual symbols in the form of image, picture, sound, or action for particular ideas, notions, feelings, or subjects. Symbols make them tangible. Most sexual and erotic symbols were understood equally or were alike in different countries in different times. That is in a primitive society a rhomb, oval, triangle symbolized the female sex and fertility. In general many symbols have sexual meaning. Famous happiness symbols can be interpreted as sexual, for example a pig – a perfect symbol of large families, a horseshoe – feminine bosom.
The most popular symbols are:
An Apple is the symbol of seduction and temptation, fertility, love, cheerfulness, wisdom. To offer your foreign pen pal an apple may mean a declaration of love.
A shell has always been the symbol of bosom, creative force, initiative and fertility, in China – forces of Yin.
A triangle combines several meanings: point up means masculine bosom (fire, life), point down – feminine bosom. Symbols of Russian women are everything connected with conception, protection, feeding. Here belong caves, lonely gardens, and wells, everything connected with vessels, water, pearls, and fish.


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