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10-20-15 Halloween is waiting for your ukrainian girls and you October 31
Mankind has invented many different holidays; some of them are so unusual and terrible, that some people have a feeling of anxiety and terror that day. One of these is considered to be the Halloween celebrations. If you decipher this name, it can be translated simply - a celebration of all the saints. But the rituals and customs of the event is very scary sometimes. October 31 is a Halloween. If the date is well known in the USA and Europe, women of Russia and Ukraine sometimes are not aware of the fixed holiday date and one should remind them about the holiday. Halloween is popular among teenagers in Russian-speaking countries, among those who study English and English language culture. But of course, each year the popularity of this day is growing rapidly and the private night clubs make great performances devoted to Halloween.
The holiday is celebrated in the traditional manner everywhere and every year. But some countries bring their own unique customs or modify the existed ones. In the USA, it is accepted to wear the ghost costume walking in the streets and “cheer up” passers-by. German people also have such tradition but, in addition, they prefer handing out various stuff and sweets.
Halloween indispensable attribute is the pumpkin. It is washed, cleaned out, cut a small top with a knife, then cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth. Pumpkin can be represented in different ways, it may look funny and not necessarily terrible, one can cut the smiling mouth. After all a small candle is inserted into a vegetable, then it is lit and so we get mysterious ritual to make with your Russian bride.
If this day the person meets terrible passer-by, he should pay him off with something. It could be anything you like. Some prefer to grant a coin to the evil spirits, some bring sweets or books. This rite helps people to understand that there is no need to be afraid and run away the problems. You need to face them and decide the best way to resolve them.
As usual, the festival will be noisy and full of fun the coming year. For young people, it is identical with fun and for people of middle age the celebration helps to get rid of the problems and sorrows.


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