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10-17-19 Relationships with Slavic women of 20, 30 and 40 years old
20 - Bright, emotional, once and for all ...
This is a magical age. Russian girls enter a serious relationship for the first time and expect a lot from them. It seems that it's once and forever! This is a time of discovery and knowledge of herself and a man with whom she communicates in messages. As a rule, the choice of girls falls on handsome men and bad guys. So bad that you have goosebumps! At this age, love is measured in long telephone conversations, nightly correspondence, and teddy bears. Due to the lack of experience and the overly dramatic nature of the girl, all situations are perceived too emotionally and roughly. Difficulties are not to care when there is love. Russian Girls at this age are very impatient and want a man to be with them all the time, tend to meet faster, write a lot of messages.

30 - Sensibly, consciously and still impulsively.
The experience gained from the previous stage allows you to head to the choice of a partner and relations with him. Long conversations, sweet words from messages and some carelessness is not enough for you to dissolve in a relationship and fall in love instantly. Girls from this category already know what kind of man they want, what qualities he should have and what kind of financial and social position he should have, so sometimes the choice is greatly complicated. Appearance fades into the background, the priority is in his qualities and goals he sets for himself. Mind, kindness, caring, generosity, loyalty, the ability to take responsibility are the main criteria. By 30, girls stop idealizing their man, and if a gentleman does not fit, then you need to say goodbye to him, and not try to pull the relationship to the right level.

40 - Wisdom and Peace
Simple values come to the fore: spiritual qualities, comfort in communication and convenience in everyday life. At this age, I do not want vivid passions and violent showdown. Women want to have family peace with a faithful life partner. I want stability and simple conjugal love. A man is now perceived not as a burning handsome or an excellent lover, but as a loyal partner who is ready to help at any moment, solve everyday problems and simply hug at the right time. At 40, she realizes that the partner should have the same interests, values, and achievements. If a Slavic woman took place in the profession, then she wants to match a man to herself. For the partner to share life positions and hobbies. You spend less time with friends, so your loved one must be also a friend. At this age, women often turn a blind eye to many things and understand that to maintain a warm relationship, it is sometimes better to remain silent or agree. Wisdom, willingness to give in and respect for personal boundaries make relationships stable and allow you to enjoy relationships with each other.

Weigh the pros and cons and make the right choice!


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