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08-10-16 Nine Useful Tips You Can Recommend Your Russian Lady of Thirty.
A few weeks after his thirtieth birthday, a writer and entrepreneur Mark Manson turned to his blog subscribers who are over 37 years, with a request to share their experiences gained in the period from 30 to 40 years. Combining all the answers, Mark received an impressive sample of collective wisdom.

1. Start saving now, without delay.
The most important advice that was particularly in every sent letter:
“immediately begin to build your financial well-being to start saving for the retirement.

2. Start taking care of your health now, without delay.
Your mind feels 10-15 years younger than the actual age of your body.
Your health goes away faster than you think, and you won’t even have time to notice it.

3. Do not communicate with people who treat you badly.
Usually, people overcome their own limitations, because they find it difficult to hurt someone else's feelings, or they fall into the trap of wanting to change the other person, to please him or make him feel better about himself. It never works. In fact, it makes it even worse.
As wisely said one reader: "Selfishness and self-interest - are two different things. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. "

4. Treat well those you care about.

5. You won’t achieve everything in your life - focus on what you do really good.
In life, everything is built on compromises. You sacrifice something to get more, but you can’t get everything. Accept it.

6. Do not be afraid to take risks, you can still change.
Although people in their thirties believe that they need to adhere to the chosen path, it’s never too late to start over.

7. You must continue to grow and develop You have two assets, the loss of which can’t be back: your body and your mind. Most people cease to develop after they are 20. Most people of age
30 are too busy to worry about self-development. But if you're one of the few who continues to learn and develop the thinking and take care of your mental and physical health, by the age of 40 you will be ahead of your peers.

8. No one understands what he is doing. Get used to it If you are not dead yet - mentally, emotionally, or socially - you can not predict your life in 5 years. It will not go the way you expect. So stop assume that you can plan ahead, stop suffer what is happening now, because all the same things will change, so overcome the desire to control the direction of your life.

9. Invest in your family - it's worth it.
Spend more time with your loved ones. When you're growing up, your relationship changes and the way they change depends on you. Your parents will always see a child in you till you show them an independent adult. Take your time to build the right relationship and enjoy family life.


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