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01-17-18 How important is humor in a relationship with Russian Lady?
Laughter is a medicine for the soul, which not only distracts from bad thoughts but also helps to overcome difficulties. And how important is humor in a relationship?

The girl who laughs is half conquered the folk wisdom says. If a man is able to move to laughter a woman he likes, then she will most likely want to meet with him again. A good joke or a pun makes a man an interesting and attractive companion in the eyes of any woman.

The ability to laugh together makes us closer to each other. When a loved one jokes and his partner understands the joke from a half-word, a slight smile appears in the corners of his lips - this feeling of mutual understanding brings together and strengthens the relationship. It's so nice to be on the same wavelength with your loved one! When we laugh together with a loved one, we forget about difficulties and enjoy life.
Humor in relationships gives them lightness and adds a twist.

People say that dying of laughter, you prolong life. When a person laughs, the body produces various hormones, for example, endorphin, the so-called hormone of happiness. Laughter helps fight stress, improves blood circulation and increases immunity. In some countries, people even practice laughing yoga - this is a special therapy, due to which you can alleviate or even cure some diseases.

Humor in relationships, of course, is one of the main components of a happy life together. However, it is important to remember that everything is good in moderation, and you have to be kidding too. One wrong word and a joke can turn into an insult. It is better not to touch the sensitive side of your partners, such as appearance or temper. To meet a person you feel good in joy and in sorrow is a great happiness.
Have fun and be happy!


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