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06-15-09 Faithfulness as a guarantee of stable relations with your foreign mail order bride
Religion and public morality were for the fidelity of spouses at all times. But it particularly enjoined women to be faithful. And men invented different chastity belts, terrifying penalties. Scythians buried all wives with the dead husbands. In India there existed the custom “suttee”, according to it the wife was burned down on the pile of her husband. And later people said that infidelity could strengthen the marriage. Nowadays magazines publish a lot of useful advice for unfaithful lovers: how to play your partner false and keep it secret. Also such disputes are popular: Is it possible to love 2 or more people? Russian women believe that faith is the most valuable in relations, when you can be sure that you beloved person will share happy moments with you and won’t give you up in hard times. It is this faith that preserves the health to old age, keeps you from extra anxiety, and eases stress so usual for our modern life. We call everybody to be faithful and happy with your foreign girl.


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