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01-24-09 Great sightseeing In the English Style from russia with love. Visit Alupka Palace in Crimea, Ukraine together with your perfect women.
From among all the spots in the Crimea it is Alupka that is most appealing to an Englishman’s heart as well as for the heart of russian lady. For no less than two hundred years many residents of foggy Albion have felt like home in this small town, which is quite easy to understand. The former owner of this area – the governor general of Novo Russia Prince Michael Vorontsov – built, in between jagged toother Mt Ai-Petri and the Black Sea shore, an English style palace which has never failed to be to the liking of Sir Winston Churchill’s compatriots, traveling about the world. Few have done for the welfare of Russia more that the anglophile Michael Vorontsov. Michael Vorontsov was an educated person, courageous soldier, brilliant commander, enlightened official ad wise politician. He spent his childhood in Britain and many years later this period was reflected in the Alupka Palace appearance. Englishman Edwars Blore was chosen by the governor general to be an architect of his summer residence to be constructed. Mansions, designed by this British, can be found throughout the world: from foggy England to desolate Australia. Blore’s skill is represented by Westminster Abbey and a part of the Buckingham Palace façade, but the peak of the architect’s talent was reached just in Alupka. The construction on the South Coast started in the thirties of the last but one century. At that time the world was captivated not by detectives or post modernists’ opuses, but by chivalry novels by Walter Scott. Alupka Palace can serve an illustration for both Scott’s books and Thousand and One Tales. On the one hand, this is a genuine medieval feudal castle with monumental watchtowers, high toothed walls, narrow embrasures and dead walls, and on the other hand, it is a Mauritanian palace, decorated with a six times repeated instruction in Arabic: “There is not God, but Allah”.
Visiting this palace is a great romantic idea for you and your russian dating women and it’s a great place to propose your sexy russian brides.


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