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08-10-16 Nine Rules of Male Friendship Your Russian Bride Doesn't Know About.
1. You are a reliable rear of your friend.
While your friend is out, you sensitively react to the danger that threatens him or his honor. Once the boss, his wife or tax inspectorate are looking for him, you may compose any stories to make him an incredible alibi.

2. The friend does not know the word "no".
You are always ready to fulfill the request of a friend. But you know, that your friend will not stick with an impossible request. If a friend came up with an unrealistic request, it is not a friend, it is some relative.

3. Your friend’s girlfriend is not a girl.
You can burn the house of a friend, get his car, and even put on his blue suede shoes. But you can not encroach on his girlfriend!

4. The business is the burden.
Do not start up serious business with your friend. This is clearly not the sort of thing where you should risk with your friendship. Often, money is stronger than friendship, or friendship is stronger than money.
In general, you will quarrel, or your business will fail.

5. Everything is real in friendship.
Friends do not give fake Swiss watches and sneakers "Ponosonic". No falsehood! If you do not know what to give - do not give anything.

6. You are a Rescue Service.
If your friend is calling you in the middle of the night, "Dude, I am in the police! Do something! "- This is the highest degree of confidence.
He believes: you will take him out anytime.

7. A married friend is not a clown.
It's so fun to look when friends fervently ridicule married fellow in the movie! But consider: all people get married finally. So think about it a thousand times before mock married fellow. You can be the next.

8. A friend is not a family psychologist.
When the wife of a friend breaks the dish, and he has not decided yet whether to kick her out of the house or buy a new dish, you should wisely keep silence. There are qualified psychologists and useless relatives for advice. A friend is there for more important things than the settlement of family disputes.

9. Do not teach your friend to live.
Accept your friend as he is. Do not try to change him or experience your own questionable pedagogical skills on him. Even if he can endure it and feels better, he may need a new friend, better than you.


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