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08-10-16 Five Qualities of a Man Ukraine Bride Wants to Follow
In today's world, many people start their search of love with the list of requirements to the partner.
Usually, Russian woman knows what man should be next to her. She knows for sure that this man is not perfect. And he doesn’t owe her anything.
He is just a man she wants to follow.

1. A man, a Russian lady wants to follow is like all people on this planet. He makes mistakes and he doubts himself time to time. Such man does something, tries new and sometimes falls, then rises and moves on.
He is not driving a racing car along the night city in the garb of an invincible superhero, he doesn’t park his helicopter on the roof of a skyscraper and he is not wearing his gun in the pocket as guys from the blockbuster. He is just one of the seven billion people who wakes up every morning, lives his day and sleeps up to a new dawn. The same as Russian lady does. And his blood is red as well as all the other people on the planet.

2. The man the lady wants to follow works a lot.
Such man works on the world and on himself. And the Russian woman is always in touch, she always goes side by side, always within easy reach.
Because it's her natural function. To be a woman. Love, trust, energize and be there, no matter what happened. And never discuss the mistakes with other people. Because the woman's love is not about the discussion of mistakes. If this is a man she wants to follow, then he is doing everything right. ALL. He moves, and she follows him.

3. The man Russian woman wants to follow sometimes hurts with the word or can neglect her.
Then he is silent and thinks. Then he asks for forgiveness from all his heart. And she forgives him. She always forgives. Because she is the same. She hurts as well time to time. And she apologizes. From her heart. And he forgives her. Because he is the same. Just a man, like all of us on this planet.

4. The man Ukrainian woman wants to follow is tired at times and goes into the cave.
This happens with men the lady wants to follow. They want to be alone and think about the life. Or meet up with friends. Or sit in a cafe alone. Let him sit in his cave, Relax and then come back.

5. Man, the lady wants to follow does not say much about his feelings.
Once he gives you to understand that he loves and that you are an important person in his life. And then he just does something. He does not say, but he does. He goes to work, does business, develops.
Sometimes he keeps a distance, sometimes he moves closer, hugs looks into his woman’s eyes. And then she just knows that he is a man she wants to follow. That's all. You just know it.

No, it's not like in the movies. No fireworks, no great insight, no predictions. Just a native person, just someone who she trusts, just someone who trusts her. Just a man she feels good with. Just the man she wants to follow


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