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06-26-09 Aphrodisiac for a romantic dinner with your foreign bride
Aphrodisiac is a substance increasing sexual desire. They were used in Ancient India, Egypt, China, Greece. They come from name of Aphrodite who was the Greek goodness of love and sensuality. And there’s nothing surprising, people have always wanted to make sex more attainable and pleasurable. You can find records of the elixir of life and dead water; miracle cures capable of turning an old man into a young and handsome man. The strongest aphrodisiac is celery. You can add this or some other herb into a salad or other dish cooked for your foreign mail order bride to make her relaxed and inspire with passion. But remember to be careful with aphrodisiacs. Don’t overdo it. The same substance can tope up and relax restraining arousal. Wine in small quantity will make your young Russian girl excited, but she drinks too much it will have the opposite effect. Hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, all citric and exotic fruit, apples, tomatoes, chocolate, coffee, and cacao belong to aphrodisiac. So, it’s up to you what to serve up to your Russian bride.


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