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09-23-15 Misunderstanding is inevitable part of any relationship with hot Russian girls
If you understood the words of your Russian lady in your own way, and then you realize that she meant something quite different, you should not get stuck on it. Constant blame-storming only destroys relationships. Sometimes all you say will be misconstrued by your partner, and you will feel frustrated. At that point, just stand back and realize that it does not really matter. Misunderstandings turn into a problem only if you allow them to grow. Be calm and forgive misunderstandings. You should never forget that love is a feeling, marriage is a contract, but relationships are work - routine, everyday work on your attitude towards each other. Because till you are together, your relationship is a precious stone that should be guarded very carefully. Once the misunderstanding took place, show your feelings. The worst thing you can do in a relationship is to play games. Do not tease your partner; don’t reward him with love and affection for the "good behavior. You must be sure that your partner always feels loved. You can be happy with him, or get angry at him - it does not matter, he should still feel your love. No, you do not have to hide your emotions - just make sure you have done everything possible to ensure that the partner understood you correctly. And do not skimp on love. Finally, after all and everything has been started due to love, hasn’t it?


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