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09-23-15 5 tips to use dating russian women
First Tip - Compromise does not mean defeat
Coming to the compromise does not mean to give up and to lose. In fact, it means just the opposite. You know how hard the compromise is sometimes given? Do you want to do in your own way, because you think it’s the only true solution? The same way of thinking your partner has. Try to look at the arguments diplomatically. What is more logical? If your partner is right, do not be afraid to confess it. Take it or change both of your solutions in some way. The most important is not to defend your point of view but to keep the relationship and help them to develop.
Second Tip - Recognize your weaknesses
Your partner does not consider you a superhero, and I hope you also do not think he is. We are all humans, everyone has weaknesses. It's okay to show them. Moreover, if you want stable long relationship you partner should know your week features. Your partner will be more sensitive to the things that bother you and support where you need help.
Third Tip - Some things can be taken, but not fixed
There is a skeleton in every cupboard. Can you go back and delete all? Nobody was lucky enough to do that. You need to learn to live with it. Some things are easier to take than others, but the reality is that we cannot always fix things. You just need to move on; otherwise your relationship will crumble.

Fourth Tip - Forgive quickly and truly
Whenever you have the conflict between, do not worry about who won and who lost. Analyze the conflict. Ask yourself why it began, before you resolve it. Having learned once, you will be able to avoid such problems in the future. Moreover, forgive your partner. Forgive yourself. The battle is over - so leave it in the past. Never hold a grudge against your partner, because resentment will only undermine your desire to be with that person.
Fifth Tip - there is nothing to expect
Do not expect your partner to read your mind or bring breakfast in bed, or offer to wash the dishes. That will not happen. It is foolish to wait for something from the people, if they even do not know your desires. Communicate with the partner. Make sure your partner knows what you expect from the relationship. This will help her to act carefully in relation to you, but still - do not expect too much.


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