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07-02-20 What men should not do when communicating with Slavic girls on a dating site
Do not be too intrusive
If a Russian woman does not answer your letters so often as you would like, then you should not be overly intrusive. If you really like her - send a few messages, and then pause (sometimes it helps). If she does not answer, then so be it - let her seek her prince.

Do not start a relationship with a lie
Do not hide your marital status and honestly say why you want to get to know each other. Russian women are also looking for new acquaintances for various reasons. Why would you want to deceive a person if they initially state that they are only interested in family relationships.

Be a gentleman
Don't ask rude and tactless questions.

Don't be boring
Try to make the communication interesting and exciting. Interesting people always attract. Probably it’s not a good idea to talk a lot about politics and weather. If you like this woman - it will right itself. Try to find a topic that is especially interesting to her. Be sure to call her by name.

Do not be secretive and withdrawn.
Whenever possible, try to satisfy her curiosity. Feel free to talk about your merits and achievements. This is not an empty phrase. If you have a brilliant education, or high income, then this can only speak in your favor. Once you have achieved this, then you are capable of much. Such a person is certainly of interest.

Do not ask about the attitude towards sex in the initial stages of meeting with your Russian lady.
You will not look in the best light. Such issues can be discussed only at a certain level of communication and in the presence of mutual interest in each other.

Do not fade from sight for a long time
This is especially important in the initial stages of dating. Virtual dating is very unstable. If you liked a Slavic girl or woman, then you should be interested in regular active correspondence. Your main task is to transform a virtual acquaintance into a real one. Only a direct acquaintance dots all i.

And further
Chatting with one woman or girl on TopLop.com dating site, never discuss the virtues of others with her. Even if there is a dialogue with several girls at some stage, treat everyone with respect and time will put everything in its place.


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