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09-25-09 What is the color of happiness with your foreign pen pal?
We live in a colored world, and shades around us influence not only our appearance, but also our mood and health. Usually we don’t pay attention to why we buy things of a particular color. But it is our subconsciousness that influences, not the trends. According to the opinion of physiologists we feel the colors on an intuitive level. Colors influence the iris and affect the vital activity of all organs changing the physiological background of a person, the state of the nervous system and resulting in hormonal changes in the body. For example, the black color not only reinforces the feeling of disharmony, but also increases blood pressure. It does not mean you have to reject the black color and other “negative” colors completely. But when choosing the suit or taking pictures to send your foreign mail order bride remember about the influence of the color on others.
Character of colors:
Yellow: optimism, openness, friendliness
Beige: down-to-earth approach, presence of mind
Red: energy, sociability, forcefulness, desire to dominate, be the leader
White: innocence, insufficient, self-control, inability to evaluate the possibilities
Also remember these peculiarities when asking about the preferences of your foreign lady.


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