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03-24-20 What an Orthodoxy says about choosing a spouse
Marriage is one of the most important components of life not only for a Christian, but for the whole society. For an Orthodox girl (your Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend is probably an Orthodox) the question of how to choose a spouse is very relevant since Christianity considers cohabitation without registration a deadly sin.

Here are some recommendations based on the experience of many religious families and supported by the sayings of the saints.

The most important thing in this is not to rush. It is very important to look closely at a person, communicate more with him through correspondence on our dating site and to see the whole versatility of personality. Each person has some flaws and it will be better if you know them before marriage.

It is important to remember that a family is a God-blessed union of two people. Therefore, the future husband and wife should be religious. From the experience of many families we know that sometimes life is very difficult for spouses who have different worldviews, including religious. This is especially true in the parenting.

If you were lucky enough to meet an eligible girl on Toplop.com you may want to ask her as many questions as possible in letters on the site.
Talk about views of life, about family and raising children. You both should understand whether you agree on the most important positions in life or if you still need to find a compromise in some issues.

It is very important to remind yourself that creating a family is a very responsible and difficult matter. Moreover, we will also be talking about moving to another country. You need to understand that the first amourousness will pass quickly and hasteless family weekdays will begin.
Many families are destroyed precisely because people are not ready for real life, they believe that the candy-bouquet period, that accompanied the dates and online dating, will last forever.

And, of course, the sacrament of wedding is very important for the Orthodox family. It should be approached with all responsibility, because a family is created only once in a lifetime. We hope that you will be able to meet that one on TopLop.com starting with a virtual date. Love each other and may God bless your union!


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