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01-28-09 Valentines Day Lace symbol of love and romance, great gift idea for your hot russian brides
Hundreds years ago women carried lacy handkerchiefs. If a lady dropped her handkerchief, the man who was next to this woman had to pick it up and gave back to her. Sometimes the lady dropped it for purpose in order to make acquaintance with and interesting man. Thus lace became a tool in the hands of ladies to encourage romance. Step by step people began to associate lace with love affair and started using paper lace to decorate chocolate boxes and Valentine cards. Association of lace with love and romance can be traced to ancient times. At that time when kings and knights went to battles their ladylove presented laces to them.
Initially lace signified a noose or snare. The root of the word lace is the Latin word laqueus (noose) which was related to the word lacere (lure or deceive). These two words together implied entrapment or enticement. As a result, people began using lace on cards in hopes of catching or snaring someone’s heart. Use these lace ideas to decorate the gifts to your Russia mail order brides, or give your Russian sexy girls lacy handkerchief. Every sexy Ukrainian women will be very happy to get lace underwear for St.Valentine’s Day.


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