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04-28-17 Twelve Russian Women Quotes From Foreign Celebrities
"The whole world has heard about the power of Russian women; that is why they are denied visas. Women of all nationalities hate them because beauty is unfair and one should fight against injustice." Frederic Beigbeder

"I am shocked. Just two days in Moscow, and I have never seen so many beautiful women and ugly men." Karl Lagerfeld

"The Russian ladies have a particular combination of tenderness, strength, and grace, passion, and restraint, which makes them interesting and never banal. They bear the imprint of a complex depth of the Russian soul, which is so difficult to understand, and this gives them a special charm. " Gianfranco Ferre

"Russian women are very passionate! "Carla Bruni

"Russians are always undervalued, and yet they are able to keep a secret, not only from enemies but also from friends." Winston Churchill

"Probably the most carefully guarded Russian secret is the following:
Women are not stupid and are not weaker than men. On the contrary. But no one said it to men. " Anna-Lena Lauren

"I'm just fascinated by the Russian. Their eternal "all mine is yours"
is just intoxicating. " Coco Chanel.

"I noticed that all Russian women, regardless of whether they are tall or small, thick or thin, brunette or blonde, young or already at an age are damn sexy," Helen Mirren

"Russian women are magic! And they, of course, have their own unique magic. " Antonio Banderas

"Russian women are very beautiful, and they have depth ..." Keanu Reeves

"I find it hard to argue whether the Western women are more independent and self-sufficient, and Russian more mental and affectionate. The only thing I know is that my girlfriend is Russian. And she is perfect in my eyes! "Enrique Iglesias

"I envy the Russian men: they live in a rose garden, not realizing their happiness. It's not just about the way they look, Russian women have inner beauty. They are sincere, emotional, kind and very sentimental. "
Pierre Richard


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