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04-28-17 Thirteen Promises That Will Change Your Life With Russian Wife In 2017
To give up smoking, lose weight or learn French? Of course, these are essential and respected things. But let's be realistic, there are plenty of great goals that can be achieved and turned into good habits.

1. Get up early. 90% of successful people who feel comfortable in life, get up early. And it is an indisputable fact. Make the morning works for you and your desires and use wisely the time before coming to the office, where hours fly by at lightning speed.

2. Listen carefully. Unleash your natural curiosity, develop listening skills actively and be interested in what others say. Be in conversation with your appearance, look, gestures and body language - let the other people understand that you care about what is happening here and now.

3. Drink water. In particular, do it before the morning tea or coffee.
It is especially important to consume a sufficient amount of fluid in the first half of the day - it will not only activate the metabolism, but also make you feel more alert and energetic, and tune in "a positive way."

4. "Thank you" is the magic word. Say it always and everywhere. You will be surprised how easy it opens the doors to the most closed hearts, especially when you say it sincerely and with all the warmth. Try to check the "effect of thank you" right now and thank your reflection in the mirror, your family, your loved one, a pet, a colleague or the boss.

5. Dedicate time to your personal projects and hobbies. Personal things to do are likely to be ignored if you are tired after a long day. Anyway always find some time for your personal stuff.

6. Spend quality time with your family. Communicate during the dinner, read bedtime stories to children, play board games or even cook together breakfast to start the day with the knowledge that you have dedicated it to the most important people.

7. Speak the truth. And nothing but the truth. There is no more exhausting thing than to lie, and then try not to get caught. According to psychologist Robert Feldman, the desire to avoid the inconvenient truth and the desire to look better than you really are, underlie the banalest lie. Every lie is associated with our fear, lack of self-esteem and erroneous success concept. Good luck with your habits in 2017!


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