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06-01-09 The most popular automobile delusions among Russian girls-drivers
All the people are under some delusions. And the automobile delusions run in the heads of all drivers in Europe, first of all female ones, and probably won’t disappear soon.
So, let’s see, what are the delusions most popular among Russian women.
The myth about the winter rubber. There is a strong belief that it is enough to put special wheels only on the front or rear axle, depending on the drive type. But in reality it will only help to start and lead to unfortunate results on the road.
Russian ladies believe that if they refuel your car with high-octane gasoline or add some liquid into the gas tank, the car will run faster and it is good for the engine. But you simply throw away money; because all the necessary additives are in the standard fuel.
Many Russianwomen believe that if you don’t use the car for a long period of time it would be better to turn off the battery. On the one hand when your car stay idle in the garage, some energy is consumed, but on the other hand the alarm system, the recorder settings, on-board computer work on it. So just recharge the battery from time to time.


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