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10-13-17 The Type Of Men That Attracts Russian Women Most Of All
Were you born a blue-eyed muscular blond, weren’t you? And do you consider yourself the most attractive type of men for Russian girls now?
Think again! From remote antiquity, the best minds of the planet, not leaving the neurons alone, have been trying to find out what men are battling women with an elegant wave of eyebrows and fleeting glance.

And here it is the encouraging news from Great Britain! The application for online dating has interviewed the ladies who are looking for love on the Net, with the question: what type of men do you consider to be the most attractive? And what do you think the majority of beautiful single ladies answered? Blue-eyed blonde with dimples? Muscular hot brunet, owner of a confectionery? Brad Pitt, finally? Think again! 64% of respondents said that they would prefer someone who has ... tattoos to all other men.

Such results have confused the owners of the dating resource, what to say about the sensitive male members. Who would have thought it that modern youth (in this place shocked researchers have raised their hands to the sky) first of all draws attention to some low-artistic squiggles on the body, and not to appearance, figure, sense of humor, diploma about higher education, the stamp in the passport, the number of zeros in the bank account and other ridiculous regalia. In general, we do not know how you are, but we immediately fill all the surface of the body with tattoos, free of wrinkles and traces of vaccinations, and move forward, towards a dizzying love adventure! Lol!Of course, we're kidding. At first, contact your Ukraine bride or Russian girlfriend and ask for her opinion and only then move!


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