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08-25-09 Some exercises to tone the muscles and impress your hot Russian bride
Every Russian woman does exercises to keep fit and be sexy and attractive. They would like to share some of the exercises with you. They are really effective. Look at the pics of Russian girls on our site!
For arms
This exercise will tone the muscles of arms and breasts
Lie on the back, arms at sides, palms down. Relax muscles. Inhale as you clench your fists, lift the palms up and toughen muscles. Then lift palms down, relax muscles and exhale. Do 15 reps.
Lie on the back, bend hands in elbows and put them under head. In this position several times press the sand (inhale), relax all muscles (exhale). Do 2 repetitions.
For abs
Lie on back, bend knees slowly, lean on feet (inhale), lift legs and low them straightening them out on the floor (exhale). Make a deep breath, slowly exhale and pull toes (knees straightened, muscles of legs relaxed). Do 10-15 repetitions.
Sit down, straighten legs forward. Then not leaning on hands Lean forward to touch the toes by your fingers.
For back
Lie flat on the floor, bend elbows, put one palm on another and on your chin. Lift elbows, but do not move head, toughen muscles of your back, legs and hips (inhale). Then relax muscles, inhale and return to start. Do 10 repetitions.
For legs
We recommend doing these exercises in water
Stand a bit leaning forward, hands bent in elbows, fists clenched. It is an imitation of jogging with high hips lifting. Do for 2-3 minutes. Can be used for warming up.
Stand with hands along your body and palms back. On “1” jump, legs aside, hands bent in elbows with palms to the body. On “2” return to start. Do 2 sets (25 repetitions each).


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