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07-16-09 Russian women have better intuition than men
When we say that people have good intuition we unconsciously evaluate his ability to understand the body language of the interlocutor and compare these signals with the verbal ones. In other words when we feel the person is lying we mean his words don’t match the movements he makes. In general we should say women are more receptive than men. There are a lot of proverbs about feminine intuition. Russian women have innate ability to realize and decipher non-verbal signals, and also to notice the minutest details. That’s why few men can deceive their wives. Surveys conducted by the psychologists from Harvard University have shown that foreign women are more attentive to the body language than men. People under test were shown short videos with the sound turned off and they were offered to explain what was going on the screen. The videos were communication scenes between men and women. The result demonstrated that women correctly described the scene in 87%, while men only in 42%.


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