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05-20-09 Russian woman is the modern pearl of beauty
Beauty is the quality that has been valued highly at all times. Though the conception of beauty was constantly changing. So what women were considered beautiful at different times?
4th place: the beau ideal in Ancient Egypt was slim and gracious woman with full lips and big almond-shaped. To dilate the pupils and make them glitter the girls instilled the eyes with the deadly nightshade’s sap. Green was considered the most beautiful color of the eyes.
3rd place: in the Middle Ages earthly beauty was sinful and enjoying the life – prohibited. It was impious to dye hair. The ideal of the Middle Ages was Blessed Virgin Mary: elongated face, big eyes and small lips.
2nd place: During the Renaissance pale girls with swan neck, and high forehead. To make the face elongated women shaved hair in front and plucked their eyebrows. They also shaved back of the heads to elongate the neck.
1st place: The life has changed. Speaking about Russian brides we can say that the most valuable characteristics are intellect, energy, and ability to earn money. Russian girlfriends are very pretty, tender, and showy. They can really be called the modern pearl of beauty.


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