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01-28-09 Roses – the symbol of love to your russian mailorder brides and the great bouquet for St.Valentine’s Day.
First Roses were grown in Asia about 5000 years ago. Wild roses are much older as first of them appeared about 35 millions years ago. Every year 3 millions of roses are sold for St. Valentine’s Day. In Ancient times, roses were considered divine flower. Once The Goddess Flora saw a beautiful girl and turned her into flower, Aphrodite added beauty to flower and three Graces gave her splendor and charm. Dionysus donated fragrant nectar, Zephyr blew out the skies in order Apollo could water the Rose in the sun. When the flower grew up, it was given to Eros – the God of Love who gave her name of “The Queen of Flowers”.
Romans had their own legend about rose origins. According to it many men wanted merry one beautiful lady whose name was Rodanthe, but she had no interest in any of them. These men were so full of love and desire that they got angry with her indifference, they burst into her house breaking down the door. This episode roused indignation of Goddess Diana. As a punishment she turned the girl into flower and her admirers into thorns.
No matter what was the origin of rose, but no doubt it is symbol of beauty and love. It is well-known fact the red roses mean “I love you”. Combined bouquet of red and white roses signifies unity and friendship, pink – elegance and grace, yellow – joy, orange or coralline – desire. The bouquet of purple roses makes a compliment to the beauty of your sexy russian bride, white roses state “you are divine”, but white rose buds mean “you’re too young to love”. If you do not want to get off the tradition or “I love you” meaning isn’t the one you need, give your women of russia any other flowers. Various flowers have so many significances. Red chrysanthemums, tulips, carnations mean love. Daisies glorify the beauty of your lover. Gardenia means unexpressed love, violets affection.


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