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01-28-09 Romantic legend of passionate love of Cupid and his beautiful wife makes you and your foreign brides believe that Real love exists.
Cupid is Son of Venus, the Goddess of love. He can make person to fell in love with the help of only one magic arrow shoot. Cupid is the most famous symbol of St. Valentine’s Day. In Ancient Greece the analogue of Cupid was the son of goddess Aphrodite whose name was Eros. Romans called him Cupid and his mother was Venus. One legend stated the story of Cupid and Maid Psyche. Venus didn’t like unearthly beauty pf Psyche and she ordered Cupid to punish Psyche but instead of that Cupid fall in love with Psyche and made her his wife. But as ordinary people were not allowed to look at Gods, Psyche didn’t know the way her husband looked like. Psyche was happy till her sisters convinced her to look at Cupid. Cupid punished Psyche: he abandoned the girl and wonderful castle they lived in and all gardens vanished. In order to find her beloved Cupid she set off to Venus temple. Venus longed to annihilate Psyche and she gave her several impracticable tasks. Her last task was to deliver the box with beauty of Platon’s wife in the underworld. During her traveling Psyche was at the edge of death. She was warned not to open the box but her curiosity conquered prudence and she opened it. But instead of promised beauty, there was dead sleep in the box. Cupid found his wife lifeless. He relieved her from dead sleep. Cupid forgave her and the Gods delighted with Psyche’s love strength made her the Goddess. This beautiful story of real love should inspire you to love your russianbride and to be loved by this russian girl. Story of your love may spread all over the world in case you and your foreign women will love each other as much as Psyche loved Cupid.


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