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03-20-07 Olga Smirnova. This story is written by a young woman, registered on a dating site.
This story is written by a young woman, registered on a dating site. Her name is Olga Smirnova. She is from Simferopol, Ukraine. But now she lives with her beloved man John Nolan in England. They found each other in the Internet nearly a year ago.

"It was spring. Early spring. Everything has just woken up after a long and unusually cold winter. The sun was shining brightly and everybody bathed in pleasant sunshine. I just broke up with my boyfriend, with whom I had long and serious relationship. I felt completely broken after it. And I couldn't do anything with that depression. Nothing pleased me.
A friend of mine told me that Internet dating sites are at a boom right now and I could find my soul mate there. Of course, I refused! My heart was broken, and the answer to any suggestion was "No!". Anyway, she got what she wanted and my photos appeared on a dating website.
I couldn't believe that it was possible to meet someone special over the Internet. And even now I can hardly believe it! As if I had a dream- picturesque, bright and pleasant dream.
Well, I didn't reply to every foreign man who tried to start correspondence with me. Some of them stopped writing at the same moment, some of them decided to take me by storm. One of these men happened to have a good friend here in Simferopol. With that man we had very exciting correspondence. I was surprised very much that it was really possible to like someone by letters. By these letters we learnt each other very well and felt chemistry. But one day he said that he was going to leave the site for some time, because of his two weeks trip. I felt sad… I felt that it was his last letter. I met really nice man, and I lost him…

Some words about myself - I can say that I like active life style. I'm fond of going to the Crimean Mountains, to the Black Sea coast. Nature fills me with good emotion, makes me feel relaxed and full of energy at the same time.
One day my friends invited me to the South Coast of Crimea. A small cozy hotel was located in a wonderful place, and surrounded by pine trees. It was spring holidays, so we decided to stay there for five days. Before the trip I didn’t know who would go. I knew only my friends would come. It's a married couple. Their business is connected with international tourism. And a trip to mountain hotel was a party on business matter. They arranged there meeting with foreigners from other tourist companies. And what do you think? One of foreign businessman was that man I had correspondence with! That man I fell in love with!
We met in the garden and there was not a single moment that we were not talking.
We found complete understanding, many common interests, and common life position. Those five days in the Mountains were like in Heaven. Many flowers were blooming. Every day he brought me new bunch of flowers. Birds were singing only for us, and stars were shining only for us…I thought such romance could be only in books! No! It's in the air! Open your heart and love! And you will be happy!

And I'd like to add that if we hadn't had correspondence with that man before and known each other by letters, we wouldn't get even acquainted! I would think that he is a selfish self-confident stranger, and he would think that I'm a foolish narrow-minded doll. But everything happened as it happened!

Thanks to this dating service. I met my second half. Soon we will get married! "


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