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05-25-16 Nine Aspects Of Male And Female Love To Discuss With Your Hot Girlfriend From Russia
From the very birth men and women have distinctive features from each other, at the same time it's not just about sex differences. Men and women have a different attitude to love, so this article is about the distinctive features of love and relationships between men and women.
Let's start now:
1. A man judges the woman’s feeling of love by their actions, and the ladies value the hope basing on moral considerations, which are difficult to understand for a man.
2. A woman likes to be next to a loved one and sex isn’t lady’s first consideration but men believes that sex is a proof of love.
3. Girls can not only fall in love with a pretty picture of a man, the spiritual component means a lot otherwise sympathy quickly evaporates.
At the same time, men like with their eyes and they can easily fall in love with the beautiful large breasts and long legs of its owner, it is not enough for the emergence of true love. Nevertheless, the appearance is still playing a leading role, otherwise, a man won’t even come to the lady.
4. A woman craves emotions and feelings from a man, while not every guy is ready to talk about it openly, the man will show his attitude to his lady with his actions.
5. The nature of man is manifested in the struggle, but the essence of the feminine is tenderness and sensitivity, because women have a less stable psyche, as a result, they often tend to change the mood.
6. It is important to talk with the man for a lady, and sometimes she tries to provoke his emotions, thus showing she isn’t indifferent to him. However, many men do not like it because they do not love to sort things out.
7. The woman also calls for a 100% attention, all his thoughts should be about her, but for the man, on the contrary, it is important to have a private space for leisure and meetings with friends. In this case, it offends many women and she needs to treat this fact as a reality.
8. Men do not suffer monotony, they want to see there is always a beautiful woman, in this case, he won't dare to look around.
9. Finally, we must bravely realize that men and women are different, so to impose or modify each other is useless, you need to know this fact from the outset. You must complement each other, otherwise, the harmony in love will not take place.


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