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06-15-07 Mark & Oksana. The youngest boy is 3 and the oldest is 10 years old.
Ignat, Arsenii and Trofim - 3 brothers! The youngest boy is 3 and the oldest is 10 years old. Three sons are a big happiness, although your private life does not have a success. Oksana had such thoughts in her mind, but she wanted to feel like a woman too. She wanted to be a real woman. She wanted to love and be loved.
She was young, just a bit over 30, attractive and very nice person.
Actually it's impossible not to be like this, working at school with kids and bringing up three wonderful sons.
Our "own", local men… they "disappeared" immediately after the find out about the kids. One is ok, two is also ok… But three … this is too much.
But everybody wants to believe, live and love.
A friend suggested trying to get acquainted through the Internet - foreign men are not "afraid" of kids. And she thought she would try. Oksana was trying to meet someone special for two years.
She had some correspondents, but after many letters, they disappeared.
At that moment, it looked like a total disaster. She thought that even for foreign men her 3 wonderful sons are too much.
But later she understood that it was her destiny. HE wrote a letter to her…MARK!
She did not like his photos. She didn't like men with moustaches. And his first letters were too dry and not interesting. But friends said: "First impression can be the most correct or the most incorrect". And she kept on writing. Every letter was helping them to know each other better and opening something new in each other. They were becoming closer with each letter.
Mark also had three daughters!!! The oldest daughter already lived separately and other two still lived with him. And he also worked as a school teacher.
He called, sent photos and wrote letters. He was a nice man and a very interesting too, but she was afraid to open her heart completely.
Christmas came (these are the only holidays at school) and he came to visit her.
It's not easy to describe the atmosphere of their feelings by the words. Two adult people with their offences and life experiences… they were overcoming a barrier and becoming closer.
She remembers a moment, which touched her heart……Once she told him that she does not like men with moustaches. And one morning, he came up to her clean-shaven. That's when she understood everything and stopped worrying. He became the most important man in her life.
They were waiting for the visa for a year. Next Christmas Oksana was celebrating in America!
Mark helped and supported her in everything "in happiness and in misfortunes"…
Their wedding's date was supposed to be St. Valentines, but because of the problems with the organization, they put it off till 7 days later.
Now, she has a new life, with new problems and with new experiences.
But now SHE is not ALONE!!!


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