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04-23-20 Is your new online girl prone to cheating?
All people are unique, and each couple from a dating site is unique, with its own “climate” of relations. But some people remain faithful (and even men, really).

And some tend to deceive even an ideal partner. University of Queensland scientists have found out who is more inclined to cheat. More about this is in further text.

Scientists at the University of Queensland conducted a large-scale study. Its results were published by The Independent. As a result of research they deduced several vital factors in the issue of fidelity.
Check out and discuss something in the letters right away! So, your chosen one will not be faithful even to her beloved mate if:

1. The first factor is if your Slavic lady had a large number of partners in the past. It turns out that this is a key factor in the fact that your mail order bride in a happy marriage will be inclined to seek joy on the side. But scientists do not give exact numbers how many are “many partners”. Determine this number for yourself.

2. The second factor is impulsivity of your Slavic girl. According to the findings published in the British Journal of Psychology especially impulsive people can step out because they are used to acting emotionally.

3. The third factor is age of your beloved lady. It turns out that the most dangerous ages of your Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend in this regard are 29, 39 and 49. These are some “boundaries” that put us into stress and push us into doing stupid things. "Nonsense" helps to check whether you are still in the ranks and whether they want you.

Scientists named a sense of detachment from a partner and low satisfaction with the relationship as the main reason for the infidelity in a stable relationship. Moreover, the overall duration of the relationship does not seem to particularly affect loyalty. Well, everything is clear here - if there is a gap between the two partners, if they don’t say “heart to heart”, they are not happy together, if there are obvious problems with intimacy, then what remains is how to not look for someone who understands and loves.

Be sincere with each other. A dating site, like ours, is convenient in that you can feel free to discuss how you see the relationship, which is important to you and your Slavic girlfriend and which, on the contrary, is unacceptable. And most importantly, on Toplop.com there is the opportunity to choose!


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