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06-12-17 How to reload your relationship with Russian wife in summer: important steps towards each other
Reading self-development literature has become a nice hobby for many people, because books and training teach us to set goals, and then allocate time for improving our skills. But do not forget that a relationship with Russian bride needs the exact same growth process as our personal ambitions.

When the couple gets into the "comfort zone", it's fine, especially if there is no room for quarrels and claims. However, very soon everyday routine and apathy become the next stage of your relationship. To prevent this from happening, you need to constantly invest strength and love in your relationship with your partner. And we propose to start doing it right now, without putting it off.

Start reading the same books, allocating for them a certain period of reading. Believe me, to discuss a book with a man is a very pleasant experience. And in addition to parsing the storylines, you will recite the actions of the characters and their deeds. It is by their example you will learn more about what is happening in your partner's head, who he condemns to, and who he sympathizes with. No time for books? Then proceed to the joint viewing of the fascinating TV shows.

Learn to show tolerance for each other, especially in those matters you have different views on. Do not throw superficial "I do not understand you", but try to understand why a person does or thinks this way. You do not need to agree with him, but the desire to understand must always be in the first place.

Make yourself a small holiday every month. This is quite realistic, no matter how utopian this idea sounds. Just put a certain meaning in the concept of vacation - let it be time free from work and domestic worries. You can spend an overnight stay in a removable cottage or go to the water park.

Pleasant daily trifles, as you know, create the weather in the relationship. Therefore, make yourself a habit of leaving lovely notes throughout the apartment. Let it be a thoughtful "lunch is in the fridge" or usual "love you", written by hand.
Do something unusual. Arrange yourself a flight in a hot air balloon, ride a snowmobile, go karting. There are thousands of options, but the most important one is the enthusiastic emotions that you two will want to discuss with each other.

Listening to music together is the best psychic therapy that will teach your couple to be together, enjoying what you really like.
Make wishes together. This will be your common dreams that will become your common targets.


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