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10-06-20 How to flirt with a Russian woman: 4 effective ways to flirt
Most men find flirting strange and mysterious process. Often males start flirting with pen pal without realizing what they are doing. In principle, flirting can be called an easy game for different genders representatives.

Let's take a closer look at the rules of successful flirting. There are
4 flirting options that are considered to be the most effective when you meet after spending time talking through the dating site TopLop.com.
These simple things will help you to start consciously flirting with your Russian girlfriend.

Most women perceive smiling as an element of flirt. You don't have to look for a reason to smile or say silly jokes. You can just smile sincerely during the conversation. This way your Russian bride will understand that communication gives you pleasure in reality too, not just through messages.

Look in her eyes
If you decide to flirt, be sure to look your Russian lady in the eye.
You’ve spent some time talking online and now it’s time to look into her eyes and smile, then the distance between you is rapidly closing.

Say compliments
If a man compliments his Russian lady, then he is interested in her. If the previous two options for flirting may not be recognized, then with compliments everything is different. You wrote so many sweet words in your letters to each other, but now it’s time to say it!

When it comes to flirting options, one cannot help but remember the humor in the conversation. Jocular statements are great as an easy way to flirt both through messages and real meetings. Russian women appreciate a good sense of humor!

And to try all of the above methods of flirting, of course, first, you need to organize a meeting. Today, more than ever, we see that it is necessary to live here and now. Don't waste your time!


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