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06-12-17 How to allocate roles in the family, if the husband and Russian wife are leaders?
Families, where both spouses occupy equal positions, are very popular in the modern world. If the husband and ukraine wife have leadership qualities, a special approach is needed in the formation of the home order.

Lots of events take place annually where husbands who are businessmen and whose Russian wives are famous business ladies, talked about how their marriages work.

Learn to concede!
If the husband and wife are leaders in life, then in the family they often aspire to show these qualities. It should be realized that one can not follow his way in all matters. Leaders will get along together if one of them learns to yield a little to another in certain issues One of the main participants such forums a businessman says that sometimes he makes decisions in the family, sometimes his wife. In such cases, he developed his tactics: "I take the coach position. I tell my
wife: do what you think is necessary. " Family life is a combination of experience, he believes. So I'm sure - in serious matters, you need to consult with your second half.

Share prerogatives
In the distribution of responsibilities, you need to analyze who makes something better and so he should do this. It is better to agree on the main topics: who is responsible for feeding children, controlling the educational process, who is for leisure, etc. Of course, this does not mean that one does not need to be consulted. Sometimes it is hard for the leader to resign himself that something is going on not according to his scenario. Then you need to remember that doing your duties you can fully demonstrate your leadership ambitions.

Give freedom of action
Do not limit the partner in manifestations of his freedom of action in the family. Do not be reckoned with in every detail. Family life is not a sea battle but your achievements and joint development. If your partner takes the initiative, encourage him. After all, the action is an interest. And indifference can even destroy a marriage.

Cultivate love
According to male leaders, marriage is based on love. This feeling goes through different stages, but the main thing is an emotional-mental attachment.

Indeed, if you perceive a partner as a part of your team, leadership ambitions will go to the background. You are a man and a woman who have become a family for a reason in order to create and multiply. And also in order to rejoice at each other's leadership achievements.


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