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05-12-16 How to Attract Russian Lady for Long Term Relationship
Eventually, when you learn how to attract and seduce Russian girls, you will want to know about real love. What if you meet russian lady you would like to spend your life with. Let’s speak about attracting the lady for a long period of time. But think about the reasons for the breaking up first. When you start dating the girl you’re madly in love with, your body emits a chemical combination of some elements that can be called narcotics. These elements bring you the desire to be with this girl constantly, to speak with her, to eat with her, to sleep together.
But in 1-2 years, these chemical elements are replaced by the others.
The desire to spend days and nights together is replaced with the desire to have a baby and to buy a minivan. So in order to prolong your dating relationship you need to behave interesting and unpredictable. You should follow the details and express delicacy. Attract the lady’s attention all the time.
Once you want to get more than you give, your way out is gambling on a stock exchange. In real life, if you want to get more, you should give much more.
Most part of people is selfish. They believe there is no need to give more than they can get. And, instead of getting more, they get unhappiness and frosty years of life. You will agree that it’s better to give more and to get more in return regardless you gave more than received, than give little and get nothing at all.
The relationship isn’t the same as investment. If you want to get more, you should be ready to give much more because love, care, humor are not the money. Once you give them, you won’t be lack of them, you’ll get more. This is the secret of having your dream lady in your life for long.


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