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07-28-09 Foreign women love surprises and kissing
According to some surveys human brain reacts to unpredictable events with satisfaction impulses. It was found that our brain prefers unpredictable satisfaction to predictable ones. Factor of unexpectedness is more important. Really, who doesn’t like surprises? I can tell you for sure every foreign girl does.
Speaking about kisses… Again everybody loves it. You can hardly deceive the nature. Scientists have come to the conclusion that it is not only pleasant to kiss, but also healthy. Kisses influence our sleep. If you kiss your foreign lady for some time before going to sleep, you will fall asleep more quickly and easier, you will forget about the problems of the day. When kissing, arterial pressure stabilizes as your body relaxes. Salivation prevents caries. Not to speak about the increase of body resistance. Kissing reinforces the immunity to microbes. Isn’t it a wonderful? There are so many advantages in kissing.


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