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10-13-17 Five Stereotypes About Relationship With Beautiful Russian Women That No Longer Work
The relationship between a man and a Russian woman is an eternal, incomprehensible topic. There are irrational mechanisms and cultural codes that move and change all the time: what was considered popular wisdom 10 years ago today is already pseudo-truth. We present you the basic stereotypes about relationships that no longer work. THE POWER OF A WOMAN IS IN HER WEAKNESS Even Shakespeare and Dumas talked about the strength of a woman in her weakness. Allegedly using this power, a woman is able to create and destroy, awakening in a man the qualities of a protector. In fact, the strength of a woman in relation to a man lies in tenderness, understanding, and responsiveness, but not in defenselessness and helplessness. RELATIONSHIP IS A HEAVY WORK There is no less useful occupation than remaking your partner and breaking yourself. If the relationship is difficult to exist, then you are on the wrong track. It should not be difficult because the very meaning of being in a pair is to make each other's life easier and happier, and not to complicate it even more. You do not have to fight in the closed door, you just made it wrong. MEN LIKE NASTY WOMEN No one wants to have a relationship with a woman who is conflict and hysterical. Indeed, the representatives of the stronger sex are interested in brave girls who are able to openly express their feelings, whose self-esteem does not need confirmation from the male side. MEN ARE AFRAID OF STRONG WOMEN Strong women are afraid of weak men, and independent men no longer need trembling nymphs as their life partners, they are increasingly choosing developing and self-confident Russian ladies. As they say, behind every great man there is a much stronger woman-muse. ALL WOMEN DREAM ABOUT MARRIAGE The stereotype that the goal of a woman's whole life is to marry is cultivated by different institutions, including the glossy magazines and the wedding industry, mostly oriented towards Russian brides. However today the attitude towards the stamp in the passport becomes more unobtrusive really. By setting priorities, a modern woman takes marriage not for the first place, preferring to engage in self-actualization.


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