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05-25-16 Five Relationship Stages You Will Get Through With Your Russian Girlfriend
Relationships between men and women take an important place in any society, at the same time, psychologists have given a defined stage of developing relationships that are worth paying attention to, so this article will tell you about trends in the development of any relationship, that is, they must be developed under normal circumstances. It is now possible to distinguish five main stages of relations development between the potential partners.

Stage #1 is the first introduction in combination with the state of desire. At this stage, a man and a woman are attracted to each other more outwardly, only then perhaps there is a desire to become better acquainted, but sometimes everything stops at the stage of the attraction, especially for men, while for a woman it is important to know about the man at least the minimum information necessary for the further development of the attraction and sympathy, so most of the girls insist on a few dates before the intimate connection.

Stage #2 is the state of instability that occurs when the couple does not know that feeling really is. In this case, the relationship and sex develop anyway, but a couple does not understand the inner feelings. Is it just a passion, or true love that is worth fighting for? Sometimes some men take a break and cease to call the girl to understand themselves, it is often the girl is not aware of the unexplained changes in the head of the man and feel hurt in this regard.

Stage #3. When the man and the woman have realized their sympathy, the next stage is the return, usually of a man, who was thinking about the prospects. For the woman, it is better not to ask for explanations from the men on the issue of missing or unknown busy employment. It is better just to listen and forgive because it was not easy.

Stage #4 is the harmony. On this stage it is important to show your nature and not only the positive traits, otherwise, in the future one will be disappointed, and in your turn, you should also ask to behave naturally, not as if it is the first date. This is the stage of getting used to each other and it happens in different ways, so do not skip this stage of relations.

Stage #5 is the decision of a more serious relationship. Often at this stage, a couple already live together and the guy proposes his girlfriend, and then they begin preparing for the wedding. Many people are stuck on stage #4, when the couple has long lived in a civil marriage while often these young people do not tend to mutual responsibility and just enjoy each other, and it never comes to weddings. And some people, on the contrary, having lived together a little then understand that they need to be together forever, so they propose to their second-half.


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