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05-12-16 Five Questions Your Russian Bride Can Ask You Before Marriage
Marriages and divorces have hard figures almost a half of couples face the divorces. Do you want to avoid being included in statistics? Answer the questions your Russian women can ask you honestly.
1. Why do you want to marry her? Or maybe it is better to ask “Why do you want to get married?”
Are you deeply in love or you just want to gladden your old parents? Or maybe all your buddies are married and you don’t want to be a black sheep? Try to be honest with yourself. Is marriage the thing you want now?
2. How is your family? There is a truth in the phrase that when we marry somebody we marry his/her family. So even if your communication with the family is limited with the meeting at Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, the family lifestyle pattern will influence your life. So you need to become friends with the parents of each other as this is one of the most important family investments.
3. How do you imagine your distant future? The psychologists believe many couples will be able to avoid splitting up if they take this question seriously because any relationships are faced with the conflicts if the goals and desires have no matches. Discuss you future plans, dreams and desires before marriage, in order not to be taken unawares some years later.
4. Do you manage to argue? If you don’t know the answer to this question this is the pause for thought. Do you know your partner well?
Have you seen her not only happy and confident but mistaken, down, hurt?
Have you seen her dramatics? People say before getting married a couple should pass through the loss, victory, one’s victory and house decoration – only then you will be sure you know the person well.
5. Do you consider this person to be your friend? Even the most incandescent passion is replaced with warm affection. Of course, it works only in case you can be not only lovers for each other. In order to be sure in your choice, ask yourself: if you were not meant for each other, would you like this person to be
your friend?


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