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01-28-09 Doves – the symbol of lovers, the attribute of St. Valentine’s Day and nice souvenir to your European brides.
Since old time doves has been called the birds of love. Doves are considered to be the birds of Venus. Doves never change their dove partner and take care of their nestlings together. These birds are symbol of faith and love and St. Valentine’s Day symbol as well. Nowadays the newly married couple releases two white doves to the sky according to old tradition and your Russian brides must be dreaming about this romantic rite. White color of these birds symbolizes purity of feelings. However not only doves are birds of love. For instance in Africa parrots are believed to be birds of love. May be it is so because there are no doves in Africa and as usually parrots had colorful beaks. They are called the birds of love because when they gather in couples, they sit very close to each other. Russian dating includes such wonderful traditions as celebrating St. Valentine’s Day and giving gifts with dove images. Be sure Russian mail-order brides will send you their greetings February, 14 from Russia with love.


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