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03-21-10 Do you want to know the secrets of happiness with a perfect girl from Russia?
The 1st secret of real happiness is the power of relations.
My happiness is based on my attitude to life. I am as happy as much I much I want it. The more positive I am the more I will obtain. Happiness is my choice. I make it any moment anywhere. From this moment I will look for positive sides in any situation. In any stressful situation ask yourself these three questions:
1. What is special about this situation?
2. What has not occurred yet?
3. What can I do to improve the situation and even enjoy it?
Only my thoughts can make me happy or unhappy. Remember that. Russian wives do know these rules.
The 2nd secret is the power of the body
Movements influence our feelings. Physical exercises relieve stress and cause chemical reactions that make us happy. Only to feel the effect do exercises every day for about 30 minutes.
It will influence your posture and make you more confident. Surely, any Russian bride will notice it.
The 3rd secret of real happiness is the power of life in moments
Our happiness is not in years, weeks, or days, it is in moments. We will take the best of life only if we enjoy every single moment. Our memories consist of special moments, accumulate as many of them as possible. Remember that every new day is the beginning of new life.
The 4th secret of happiness is the power of thoughts about yourself
They say, a person is what he thinks of himself. We are what we think about ourselves. If you are unsatisfied with yourself, you are unsatisfied with the whole life. How do you think, can you attract a beautiful Russian mail order bride with such attitude to yourself? Hardly… So to live a happy life, first fall in love with yourself.


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