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07-14-08 Dating russian women you found out that there is age difference between you and your sexy russian bride. Can it be a problem or not?
Everybody knows famous saying that marriages are made in heaven but documented on earth. Psychologists consider that the basis of successful marriage is psychological compatibility and material well-being or sexual harmony won’t help in this case. But Astrologists believe that psychological harmony is defined with the help of fortunate astrological factors.
It’s not important who is older husband or Ukrainian wife, the major factor is the age difference. Older partner endures conflicts better.
The union of age mates is wonderful but not always there is a chance to develop.
1 year difference – great relationship: cooperation in solving every day problems and children upbringing. First romance comes into friendship relationship and such marriages last all life.
2 years difference – the marriage for romantic people that doesn’t last long. After divorce there are unforgettable memories.
3 years difference – Too much of emotions. Marriage won’t break up if one of the partners (man or his russian lady) has impassive temper.
6 years difference is almost like 3 years. Such marriages are only for talented people as they are all in art.
4 years difference – this marriage is harmonious both mentally and sexually. It combines love and friendship, It’s very good russian ladies marriage.
5, 10, 15 years difference – such relationship will develop especially if both partners are engaged in one business. For example, he is director and his russian wife is actress or he is manager and russian girlfriend is accountant.
15 years difference is very special case. Older man helps his young russian woman to make important life choice, to change style of life, to find her mission.
Difference in age 7 or 14 years – it’s magic, strange but strong connection. Though the partners are not always sincere with each other they won’t leave each other. And little family secrets just strengthen this union of western men and his young mail order brides.
If the difference is 8 years you’re lucky. This marriage will bring many years of happy life. Love, absolute understanding, mutual care, sexual attraction characterizes such partnership.
9 years difference. The marriage like this is almost the same as 3 years or 6 years age difference marriages. If you love adventures – go ahead!
11 years of difference – do you remember “Marriage –Italian style” movie with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni? This is about your couple.
12 years difference. This marriage is rather complicated but very interesting.
13 years difference. This is a lucky marriage with spiritual notes. One of partners has high life goal and another is loving him for that, support and help.
16 years difference. Apotheosis of love. As a rule people marry once and forever.


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