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09-05-09 Affirmation – the way to happy relationship with your mail order brides.
Affirmation… surely you know what this term means. But do you often do think about the consequences of affirmation? Probably not. So let’s define how it influences our life. Affirmation is the first step in changing for the better. You pronounce magic words and sentences consciously directed at some desire to get or get rid of something. But our consciousness doesn’t distinguish future or past, it sees only the present moment. If you say “I don’t want to be unhappy” or “I don’t want to be alone” your conscious will hear “unhappy”, “alone”. So say “I am happy”, “I have found my beautiful foreign bride” instead. Of course it’s not a miracle cure, it’s just a way to self-perfection, self-knowledge, make your life happier and easier. But remember a good saying: Nothing seek, nothing find. So to find your happiness, the perfect Russian girl, look for her yourself, don’t wait for Russian ladies to do it for you. Be the creator of your life!


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