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08-17-19 5 messages that will attract your Russian girl to you in the distance
The ability to write letters and chat is very important to build relationships and is generally very useful to improve communication skills. Besides, beautiful and romantic messages always make a Russian lady really miss you and look forward to meeting you. Therefore, we will tell you exactly how to lead to this and most importantly, everything is in your hands!

Show your vulnerability
An example might be: “A vulgar conversation was one of those exceptional cases when I didn’t want it to end” or “Not every day you meet someone like you, I want to know you better.” Sometimes you are rude and strong, but you can show your vulnerability to her, so you show how much you trust each other.

Write a compliment to your Russian girlfriend for example: “I’m sure that they tell you this all the time, but you are incredibly attractive.” It may look corny and obvious, but many couples when they enter into a relationship forget about it. Take some time to send your half a nice compliment for no reason, simply because you love her. You can also start the sentence with the words: "I can’t wait to see you ..." or "I have been thinking about you all day."

Remind of your shared memories. This is the most important thing, these memories should be about you two, and they must be positive, the goal is to cause the partner to associate them with you. For example: “Sitting in the office I think about the day we met. Your words, our conversation - everything was great. ”

Tell your partner how much it means to you. This item depends on your relationship, that is, at what stage you are, how much you communicate. Therefore, the most important thing is to enclose your emotions. Your goal is to remind your Russian girlfriend of you. We will consider two options for messages, for a couple who has been in contact for a long time and for those who have just started correspondence. 1) “You are everything to me, you have made my life much better. I can’t imagine my life without you! ”; 2) ”What is your best quality? Besides beauty, mind, and sexuality? I want to know it to death ... ”

Write something deep to your Russian girlfriend. Be sure to write to your Russian lady everything that you feel, because no matter how much you communicate, it is always nice to hear that you are loved. It may not necessarily be a declaration of love. For example, if you discussed her profession, write to her that you admire her accomplished knowledge, but also admire her herself.

We wish you good luck in your relationship, value your soul mates and make them miss you!


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