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07-09-18 4 tips to keep a relationship with your Russian bride
Be Realistic

True love is not at all that romantic love is, when we do not notice the partner's shortcomings. It's a choice. It is the constant support of another person regardless of the circumstances. It is an understanding that your relationship will not always be serene. It is the need to deal with partner’s problems, his fears and thoughts, even when you do not want it at all.

Respect each other

This is the main thing in the relationships. Not attraction, not common goals, not religion and not even love. There will be times when you’ll feel that you don’t love each other anymore. But if you lose respect for your partner, you won’t be able to return it. Communication, no matter how open and frequent it may be, will come to a dead end anyway.
Conflicts and resentments cannot be avoided.

Do not try to control each other.

We often hear that the relationship requires sacrifice. There is a grain of truth in this suggestion, sometimes we really have to give up something. But if both partners constantly sacrifice themselves, they are unlikely to be happy. Such relationship in the end will only harm both.

Remember small details

Simple signs of attention, compliments and support mean a lot. As time goes by, all these little things accumulate and affect how you perceive your relationship. Therefore, many advise to continue to go on dates, get out somewhere for the weekend and be sure to find time for sex, even when you are tired. Lovemaking not only allows you to maintain a healthy relationship, but even helps to fix it when something went wrong.

Take into account all the moments and you will have many happy years!


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